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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Supplementary (mayoral) voting made easy

First preference:  vote for your actual first preference.

Second preference:  guess who the top two are going to be when first preference votes are counted - and then vote for the one who's least bad!

Or:   the first with the heart - the second with the calculating head

Why?  Daniella Radice explains...


between-the-lines said...

Your IKB video idea was a good'un, maybe a little too long, but was 'liking' "FM3 Drag Racing: Sparco NSX GT Vs. Porshe GT2 HD" a slip of the finger, irony, or, ahem ... is there something you ought to tell us, Pete?

Stockwood Pete said...

I haven't a clue what that's about, between-the-lines, but as you posted it, I'm sure it's a legit question. I shall ask my grandsons to explain to this old codger. They may know more than they're letting on...

between-the-lines said...

Sorry to be baffling. Perhaps I should clarify further.

Someone has set up a YouTube account in the name of "Stockwood Pete"

I assumed it was you, but that shows the dangers of assumptions I guess.

It now appears that you may have a doppelganger stealing your identity, something not unheard of in the land of interwebs.