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Monday, 7 March 2011

The national stage will have to wait...

We'd been led to believe we'd be quoted in the Sunday Times this week. They've been doing a series on selling off public land assets, and this time planned to do a local angle - including Bristol. The phone interviews were done, and a tentative photo-op at the threatened Sturminster Close open space was lined up.

So I bought the paper - all 1.26kg of it, to see what they said. True, Bristol got a brief mention, with a quote about Brislington, but that was about it.

Maybe they had to cut it so that most of the first three news pages could be devoted to the Royal Wedding Dress - after all, Murdoch's flagship of quality journalism must get its priorities right.

Ah well... At least, instead of hanging around for a photographer, we spent Saturday morning down at the orchard, pretty well finishing off the main clearance before the birds start nesting. Amazing what's been done, nearly all by hand, through the winter.

And I'm told that we've hit the 3,500 target for petition signatures, so that there should be a full council debate on the local land sell-off. So we're doing all right!

And the sun's shining, and the blackheaded gulls are getting their black heads back for the summer...


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

I'm working with some people to try to stop BCC from selling off land along the Pigeonhouse Stream in Hartcliffe. It would be really good to meet up and have a chat about pooling city-wide efforts. In the meantime, here are some thoughts on the Hartcliffe sell-off:

Best, Nils

Stockwood Pete said...

Hi Nils

I'm hoping to join the walk up Dundry tomorrow lunchtime from the Pigeonhouse stream. May see you then. Failing that, yes, lets fix something up.