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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last night's council meeting.

To write about the LibDem's behaviour over the Green Spaces Petition would be too negative (or do I mean not negative enough?). In short, it was appalling and it was stupid. IMHO.

Instead, lets look at the good news about that other hobby horse of mine - Plot 6 and the city transport hub. I'd tabled some questions to chase up some up of the half-promises we've heard so far..

Q: Are there conditions in place yet that will protect the site's potential to be used as a multimodal transport hub serving all parts of Bristol?

A: Bristol City Council is negotiating to take on several SWRDA sites but they were initially told to sell Plot 6 to the highest bidder by the Treasury. We intervened and are now confident that the need for an integrated transport hub will be paramount. The ownership model is yet to be finalised.

Q: When might we see the council, or the Cabinet, or the West of England Partnership, adopt these aspirations as written policy?

A: You will find that the West of England is having a rapid refresh of the JLTP and having made such progress you will find new objectives appearing very rapidly.

OK, there are potential weaknesses in these answers, but on the face of it they look good. And we desperately need to find something positive in the debris of last night's meeting.

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"A green steam" said...

Thanks for this account, even if the situation is becoming worrying with the news about the Enterprise zone. Rationally businesses need even more an efficient transport system, but the site might be sized to serve the interests of scavenging developers. Is there anything that we can do to stop this from happening?