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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Helping an arms dealer create useful jobs

There's more than a little concern that as we do our civic duty this weekend and complete our census forms, we'll be contributing to the profits of one of the world's biggest arms dealers, Lockheed Martin. This is the US corporation that provides the worlds military machines with such must-have items as Trident nuclear missiles and cluster bombs. I'm told they do a nice line in torture too. And now they're providing the customer contact centre, questionnaire printing and data capture and processing for the 2011 census.

Peace News has come up with a few ideas to make sure Lockheed Martin don't gain from our freely given part in the contract. There are lots of creative ideas there, and the great thing is that they mean more of the job has to be done by real people instead of by automatic scanners. Blacking out all the bar codes is a good start, so that information will have to be transcribed by hand.

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