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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tea for Two

We added to our carbon footprint with a bit of luxuriating in first class seats between Bristol and Swansea the other day.

Not that sitting in the First Class had any more impact than our usual journey in the lower class end of the train. As the only passengers in Coach G, it's fair to say that by merely changing ends we made no difference.

The impact was in the perks... first class passengers get a free cuppa and a snack (and, if you want, a copy of The Times). Not so long ago that would mean someone put a cup in front of you, and someone else pouring the required refreshment into it. Once enjoyed, the cup would be removed, to be reused further down the line.

Not now. It's a DIY job. This is what was left to be thrown away.

Still, we needn't be self critical. At least we didn't take sugar. Or the cake. Or The Times.

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