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Monday, 19 July 2010

Coalition... Environment.... Localism: the Tory Way

10th June 2010:
Bristol's LibDem Cabinet agrees to run a pilot scheme penalising residents who persist in putting 'black box' recyclable waste into the 'residual waste' wheelie bins. Grounds? - 25% of wheelie bin contents could have been recycled from the kerb-side.

15th July 2010:
Council leader Barbara Janke meets with top LibDems in government. “With Lib Dems in power nationally,” she said, “we will ensure that the city’s needs, concerns and ambitions are understood by ministers and do everything to reinforce the need for closer relations.”

16th July 2010:
Environment Secretary Caroline Spellman announces changes to the Climate Change Act to prevent councils trialling or implementing 'pay-as-you-throw' schemes. It's particularly aimed at the Bristol initiative, and is (honest!) part of the Tory 'Localism' agenda.

1 comment:

Instancia said...

Coming from a woman who reckons that “the burka confers dignity” are you surprised?

Spelman, like a lot of politicians, obviously suffers from severe cognitive dissonance.

Similarly Janke, waving her hand towards the giant cranes over Broadmead, was heard to proclaim that this was clear demonstration of Bristol's "sustainability".

Yeah, like the traffic jams on the M32 definitely prove that peak oil and climate change are imaginary.