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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

An Engagement is Announced....

It was the West of England Partnership's annual 'Transport Forum' this morning. It was used to introduce the emerging Joint Local Transport Plan (aka JLTP3), intended to take us through to 2026.

They've already taken soundings from various formal 'stakeholders', but now it's the turn of us, the public to have a say, and we've got until 4th October to say it. Not in a 'consultation' this time. This one is billed as an 'engagement'.

If there are any new 'big ideas', they must be in the small print. The Major Schemes look much the same. There's a new slogan, though, to go along with the engagement - "Let's Talk: Transport Matters". On the web, it's all at

The workshops revealed a number of perceived weaknesses in JLTP3 - many of them listed on this feedback slide:

Two of the WoEP Transport Exec Members (Charles Gerrish of BaNES and Brian Allinson of S.Glos) turned up for the Forum/launch, but neither the N. Somerset dinosaur nor our own Gary Hopkins found the time to engage with us.

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