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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Uniting against the space invaders

Stockwood came alive twice on Tuesday in defence of its open spaces against the threat of their sale and development under the Parks and Green Spaces Strategy.

Until the bush telegraph got moving on Monday evening, no-one knew there was to be a meeting about it next morning. It turned out it had been called by the two ward councillors - at the request of the Evening Post, who wanted to do a story about it! So thank you, Onions of the Post. It's a meeting that wouldn't have happened without you.

Later on came the photo-op, as residents gathered at one of the threatened spaces (the level area behind Maple Close)

Meanwhile Friends of Stockwood Open Spaces (whose constitution commits them to 'promote the of the informal public open space of Stockwood') hope to organise a better publicised meeting, and have launched the new "Save Stockwood's Green Sites" web pages for those who don't want to see community assets sold off.

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