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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The LibDems' Fruit Stall

Local councillor Jay Jethwa finds herself at the heart of an international news story today - thanks to be called a 'coconut' in a racist jibe from LibDem councillor Shirley Brown last year. It's nice to see that Jay has pointed out that the insult wasn't just a racial slur on her; it also implied that the whole white community opposes spending in black communities.

After this, it's hard to see how Shirley could defend her Ashley seat when it comes up for election next May.

It's not the only time that LibDem councillors have used fruit as a verbal missile aimed at Stockwood councillors. Not so long ago, Cllr Gary Hopkins publicly dismissed David Morris as 'one of the Banana tendency'. He went on to explain (as if he'd just invented the term) that it's 'Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone'

I wonder what fruity terms we could use to describe the current LibDem front bench

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Fruity Party said...

When contemplating Bristol Lib Dems the Kumquat and the Ugly fruit come to mind for a start.