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Friday, 5 March 2010

Money as Debt

Once you get beyond the idea that money's solely a medium of exchange, the way the system works gets ever more unreal, with all the fine qualities of the Emperor's New Clothes.

It never made any sense to me that suddenly we're faced with recession, people are losing their jobs, essential services are cut back, and the rest, when the real world hasn't changed. We still have the same real assets, the biosphere that provides for us, the man made infrastructure, and knowledge and experience built up over millenia. But thanks to the unreal world of the financial houses, and the money system we use, it's all falling to pieces.

Next Thursday evening (7pm, 11th March), we'll be showing and discussing the film "Money as Debt" at the Green Party office, 17 Great George Street. Maybe that will bring some enlightenment! There's no charge (even in local currency) though donations will of course be welcome.

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