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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Chris Hutt

It is shocking and saddening to hear of the death of Chris Hutt, who has added so much to Bristol's current cycling and blogging scene - not least with his own Green Bristol Blog, and with his challenging comments on other blogs, including this one.

Chris was very much his own man, not frightened of controversy or even of ridicule, as when he dared to point out that the unofficial practice of using the Trenchard Street car park lifts to take a bike up a hill could actually be a recognised option that would encourage cycling. His contention that road space for residents parking should be considered a tradeable market commodity was provocative, but carefully thought out and argued.

I only actually met Chris once, when he spotted me taking photos at Prince Street Bridge and we fell into conversation. I didn't know till seeing the tributes today now just how much we owe to his efforts years ago to establish the Bristol Bath Railway Path, and his more recent involvement in a whole range of cycling events.

A great loss to this city.

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Anonymous said...

I only met Chris in the last couple of years, but already wished we had met sooner. As well as the valuable work he did himself he was also very generous in supporting and communicating with fellow campaigners struggling against the odds to create and / or defend a greener, healthier and happier environment.

With priceless clear and constructive insight he could often go directly to the root of an issue and pinpoint contradictions and problems as well as giving several potential solutions. So of course his blog was great fun and a very thought-provoking read too, as were his many contributions to others’, all of which added wonderfully to debate.

His calm, good-humoured and quite fearless way of going about things was perhaps one his most inspiring and admirable qualities.

We can ill afford to do without such a rare character as Chris.

Maybe it would be most fitting if some kind of useful and practical memorial fund could be raised to carry forward his achievements - such as permanently safeguarding the cycle path and its vital green corridor for instance.