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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Looks like the Tories got here before us.....

Sure enough, it wasn't long before more evidence of Conservative activity appeared. It was wedged in the ironwork that barred entry to a boarded-up house.

Is it global warming that's brought them out so early in the season? Or is it just a pending election?

Either way, it's time to bring out the Green Party's secret weapon.

The Pusher. Very low-tech, very green. Very good for protecting fingers against dogs lying silently in wait behind letterboxes, too (Charlie Bolton, read and note!).

Apparently 'In Touch' is the second Conservative broadsheet this year in Stockwood (though neither has been delivered to our house). The first one heavily featured their parliamentary candidate, Adeela Shafi. In this one, though, she's all but airbrushed out, which is strange, just before a general election. Instead, we're left with what looks like a spoof LibDem 'Focus' newsletter, with our two present councillors photographed at sites throughout the ward.

Unfortunately, nothing to tell us any detail of local conservative policy, nor even any mention of the election in six weeks time (does this mean that 'In Touch' is not an election expense?).

Fortunately, no examples of pointing at dog-dirt or grafitti. (Thinks.... maybe I should get myself pictured beside the bin that we successfully asked for on the brookside path. On second thoughts, no, it's surrounded by litter!)

Back home, there's another party news sheet waiting on the mat. They're getting nearly as regular as old clothes collecting bags - and with claims that deserve the same scepticism! This one's the 'East Bristol News', four big full colour pages, promoting Kerry McCarthy and her unstinting faith in everything New Labour . The opposite of 'In Touch', which never strays into the world outside the Stockwood boundary; this one's all national policy, without so much as a nod at local issues.

Looking through them, I think that our tiny Green Party effort is a model of clarity, honesty, and useful information. But I would say that....

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