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Monday, 3 November 2008

Job Creation

First, the good news. The mattress is no longer in the Brislington Brook. Congratulations to the Leisure Services people who finally organised its collection. And within the target two working days (unless you count all the earlier failures, before the whole issue was put on the net)

BUT..... the mattress was just one of half a dozen local flytipping incidents reported last Thursday. And did they collect the rest while they were here? Err.... sorry, no.

Reason is as soon as the report was made, someone checked which council department is responsible for which site. Getting the mattress cleared was the Parks people's job. While the rubbish left in Dutton Road and off Sturminster Road was the District Cleansing Officer's problem. That mess is still lying there.

So (at least) two orders to be drawn up, at least two bills to be settled, and at least two wagon trips to Stockwood to pick up half a wagonload of rubbish. Brilliant. SITA must be laughing.

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