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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Litter Piccing

The mattress has been lying around for a couple of months now. The council aims to shift flytipped rubbish in two working days, but this mattress has been a real problem. It started by the path that leads down to West Town Lane, and in no time got pushed into the brook. It's been reported a few times now, but all that's happened is that it's shifted a few yards downstream.

So I'm trying a new extra helpful strategy. Flickr has a gizmo so you can show on a map where your pictures were taken. So I've put a few current flytipping pictures - including the mattress - on there, and sent the link to the council.

They can't go wrong now, and they'll make the most of the journey.

1 comment:

Pete Goodwin said...

"they'll make the most of the journey".

Or maybe not. A quick e-mail response for the council tells me that Leisure Services have to organise the Brislington Brook and nature reserve pick-ups; the District Cleansing Officer has to arrange the others!