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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Stockwood Green Primary

Sadly, this evening's Cabinet meeting has approved the Primary Review, including the closure of Stockwood Green and two other Bristol primary schools. This is despite all the arguments put by so many adults and children showing the stupidity of the decision.

The decision is 'target led' the main target being a pot of government money. It has little or nothing to do with providing a decent education close to home.

Congratulations for everyone who resisted the closure steamroller - especially Mike Landen, and (I would say this!) Councillor Charlie Bolton, who argued so strongly against the closures. Charlie's address to the council is here on the Bristol Green Party website.

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Glenn Vowles said...

Spot on Pete (and welcome to the blogosphere!).

The Primary School Review should centre on education but definitely does not!! Plenty of examples to show that its about money and land development before the quality of teaching and learning!