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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Cycling City to pay for a major road project?

The Callington Road Link has been a new major road project for years, and it's close to actually being built - with a little bit of help from Cycling City.

At the West of England's annual 'Transport Forum' we were told they want to consult on the road link during 2009, then bid for government cash backing in 2010.

It's only a short link, from Tescos at Brislington along the cutting of the disused railway to a point near Sainsburys at Arnos Vale. What makes it significant - and a heavy transport route - is that it shortens the link between the M32 and south-west Bristol, especially when, as they fully intend, the controversial South Bristol link is built from Hengrove to Long Ashton.

Then at the end of October the cabinet welcomed a report from the Cycling City team that they want a cycleway down the same disused railway cutting, completing another link - from Whitchurch to Temple Meads via Arnos Vale. Certainly good news for me - I'm lazy enough to prefer this flatter, quieter route in to town.

BUT - the land is privately owned - by the Brethren, I'm told. Whether for a cycleway or for a road, someone's got to pay for it.

The answer came today from Cllr Bradshaw in a written reply to Glenn Vowles, who'd asked "Can you confirm to what extent the Cycling City budget will be used to fund property acquisition along the line of the proposed Callington Road Link...?"

"Yes, I can confirm that one option being considered is the acquisition of part of the disused railway line between Tesco Brislington and Arnos Vale..."

So - unless there's some arrangement to claw back the money later from the roads budget - it looks like Cycling City will be helping to pay for a major new road link.

Time for more questions, I think.


Chris Hutt said...

Nothing new about BCC trying to use the Cycling City budget to pay for infrastructure for motorists.

They were attempting to pass off £40,000 of proposed expenditure on Prince Street Bridge, which includes upgrading the barrier controls, as Cycling City expenditure, even though the scheme benefits other road users at the expense of cyclists.

Pete Goodwin said...

They WERE attempting ?

Does the past tense mean they've been persuaded not to? Maybe there's hope yet for this one.....