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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

BRT – the new mayor's parlour game

In a surprise change of course, Bristol City Council – and presumably, its West of England Partners – have decided that bendybuses aren't the answer after all.  Or so we are led to believe....

What we really want is longer single-deckers with (like bendy-buses) two doors. Which means all those artists impressions might as well be binned. I wonder if they've told the bus manufacturers..... there'll be some worried workers in Ballymena tonight.

What's more, the BRT2 route will, at last, be diverted to serve Temple Meads!   Just what I've been saying for years......

It didn't need a meeting to decide it, it didn't need a consultants report, it didn't need the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Transport. It didn't even need the input of the council's own press officers.  

Instead, it came as a press release (*) from the LibDem group.   And instead of quoting the councillor responsible, the credit for this welcome proposal goes to none other than the deputy leader, one Jon Rogers, who also just happens to be running for mayor.

Which makes it even less credible than all the other unexpected announcements that emerge from the LibDems' transport spokesmen. Like Gary's transport hub and Tim's unmanned pods.

later discreetly removed - I wonder why


Anonymous said...


Have you seen that the latest plans published for the Enterpise Zone have Plot 6 filled with office blocks and no room for an transport interchange.

It is a little difficult to understand wher the BRT bus stop might even be placed.


Stockwood Pete said...

Given the way it's been announced, I would be very surprised if it's been thought through.

As you say, the drawings for the Enterprise Zone show no space for an interchange, and there was nothing in the supporting text either.

Perhaps Jon's thinking (if at all!) of the BRT spur into the Friary, though it was never clear how that might work.