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Friday, 28 September 2012

Solar Tree Splendour

This is the latest arrival on the Nightingale Valley (Brislington) hillside that provides a home for EdibleFutures.

The SolarTree will provide a self-contained off-grid energy system to distribute rainwater gathered from Edible Future's polytunnels to irrigate the crops inside.

The project, and the enthusiasm that's turned it into reality, are seriously impressive.

It's one miniscule step toward making the food production cycle sustainable again, with an emphasis on perennial plants and on organic veg that are already being bought by some of Bristol's more discerning eateries. Congratulations to all concerned.

How this very local harnessing of solar power, using largely home-made kit, contrasts with what's planned (if we let them) a mile or two further down the Bath Road.  Around Hicks Gate, big international corporations are lining up to pour money and chemicals and huge amounts of water into the ground beneath us in an attempt to 'frack' more global warming gases out from the security of the coal measures.

All part of the farcical mismanagement by government of solar and other sustainable energy sources!   Instead of trying to boost the economy by extending homes - and upsetting the neighbours -  with red-tape-free uPVC conservatories, why on earth didn't the government kick-start the solar industry with more rigorous standards for new homes to be more self-sufficient in energy? 

The 'greenest government ever' could learn a thing or two from this little patch of Bristol hillside.

(The Brislington solar tree project has another open day tomorrow (Sat 27/9/2012) – with access through the allotments of Allison Road. After that, best contact the people behind the projects; this is not an easy place to reach!)

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