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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

NP14 says NO

For the first time ever, applause at tonight's meeting of the Hengrove and Stockwood Neighbourhood Partnership.

The occasion was the unanimous decision of the Neighbourhood Committee to sell none of the open spaces in Stockwood that had been nominated in the PGSS process.

They even went a bit further and agreed to look at the possibility of requesting voluntary Town Green registration for the most valued sites.   That will have to wait for a nother meeting, though - and another report from council officers.   We'll just hope Will Godfrey doesn't write it.

On behalf of the Friends of Stockwood Open Spaces, I'd put in a Public Forum statement supporting both measures.   It dwelled particularly on our having reviewed our long-standing opposition to selling, both at meetings and on-line, in the light of the new 'incentives' on offer.   Those incentives/bribes proved totally unconvincing, given that all the sites do have high community value and don't have the characteristics that mark out 'low value' sites.

Evening Post report here

You need some good news on the day the coalition government bulldozed into law its dogma-driven dismantling of the National Health Service.

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