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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How to catch a bus......

......from Stockwood or Brislington to the new Hengrove Hospital. 

 Or to BEC, or St Brendans, or the Stockwood Open Space, or Horse World, or Gilda Parade, or Whitchurch Centre/ASDA, or the old sports centre, or the new Leisure Pool, or the Skills Academy, or Imperial (retail) Park , or Hengrove Leisure Park, or the 'destination' play park).

OK, it can't be done. Not in a single journey, anyway, despite all the assurances given that these £multi-million public assets would be made easily accessible without resorting to a car (if you happen to have one).

Here's one suggestion that might just provide a service at least once an hour.
It proposes an extension for some buses on the No1 (Broomhill) route by way of Brislington P&R, Hungerford Rd and West Town Lane, where it splits into a loop – one way through Stockwood and south Hengrove, the other direct by Airport Road, to the Hengrove Park complex. Perhaps one an hour each way would offer a usable service to the several main destinations en route, enough to make it at least break even.

At the same time, it gives the chance to shorten the 36 route by just taking it down Callington Road between Tesco and Brislington Square, saving upwards of 10 minutes. That would bring St Annes within 30 minutes of Hengrove Park.
The map makes it clearer

The reality today is merely an unfulfilled promise from Bristol City Council, and a commitment to review the situation once a year.   Meanwhile, no bus.   The proposal has been sent to their public transport section; when the reply comes, I'll publish it here

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