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Friday, 29 April 2011

Playing Politics with Plot 6

It turns out that Bristol's 'strategic transport supremo' (as the LibDems like to call Gary Hopkins) was leading us all up the garden path when he confidently told us that Plot 6, alongside Temple Meads railway station, is set to become Bristol's major transport interchange.

Gary based his optimism on 'pressure' he put on Transport Minister Norman Baker in February. But when I wrote a follow-up (on behalf of the Greens) to the Minister in support of the same thing, the reply revealed just how hollow Gary's statement had been.

Not only is the Transport Minister unable to intervene (the disposal of Plot 6 is driven by Vince Cable's dBIS), but Gary's officers in Bristol City Council couldn't give Network Rail any idea of what a transport hub would entail. So you can see how seriously they've been taking the idea

(more - with loads of references - in this news release)

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woodsy said...

Gary Hopkins' transport policy seems to be limited to Gary Hopkins can park wherever he likes and everyone else can get stuffed! :-)

On a serious note, I find the fact that Bristol City Council engineers don't have any idea of what a transport hub very worrying. Either the officers concerned have been promoted beyond their level of competence or the whole department is staffed by petrolheads and highway engineers who've never used public transport in their lives.