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Monday, 25 April 2011

Canine Defence

It's leafletting time again. So out comes Thrust, scourge of the letterboxes, hand crafted to get election addresses straight onto 90% of doormats without loss of fingers.

Thrust used to be just called 'the pusher', but my marketing consultants advised the change of name. Anyway, in the spirit of co-operation and to help save the NHS lots of time and money, I'm glad to make the idea freely available to all parties.

Yesterday I met the Labour candidate for the first time, on Sturminster Road. Seems nice enough, though her companion feared that Greens' 'extreme' policies might deprive him of electric light. You'd think anyone with enough commitment to distribute election leaflets would be a bit more aware; I had to point out that it's the Labour/Tory/LibDem lookalikes who want to dress us all in hair shirts these days. (Well, everyone but the bankers, anyway. Armani don't do hair shirts).

Leafletting can be a bit dispiriting; plenty of houses had the recycling boxes out, many with a range of election material already prominent. Houses and gardens showing neglect and suggesting a poverty of spirit; paved over gardens so tightly packed with car that it was near impossible to squeeze past; and steps; and more steps.....

At this point, any 'proper' politician would remark on the very positive signals he was getting on the doorsteps from the electorate who are clearly fed up with the candidates of the other parties and see the Greens as the best hope for the future with positive and realistic policies. Truth is, I met scarcely anyone on the doorsteps; most seemed to be enjoying their gardens in the sunshine, which is much the better thing to do.

My black-on-white leaflet, I have to confess, doesn't compare with the multicoloured stuff the other parties are putting out. But it does tell anyone who cares to read it something about me, what I've been doing locally, how I approach particular issues. Which may, of course, be a mistake - the more you put on a leaflet, the more chance there'll be something the reader doesn't like.

The other candidates have a more guarded approach, sticking to highly selective lines and traditional topics.

Labour are suggesting that council money invested in a hydrogen powered harbour ferry would be better spent improving the 54 bus (whether they'd do this, and how, isn't explained).

The LibDems seem, surprisingly, to be pouring money into their hopeless Stockwood campaign with multiple glossy handouts. The usual deceptive graphs, of course, but you expect that, it comes with the brand. Some very imaginative claims, too. But I'll come back to that in another post!

As for the Tories, their handouts are rich in candidate pictures, poor on text; mostly trying to make an association with something good that would have happened anyway. But I won't be too hard on them, my picture and email are on there too - unattributed, of course.

The election count, at one time carried out at a local school, has been 'centralised' so we'll all have to hang around while other wards (plus the referendum) are verified and counted; Stockwood will be one of the last to be declared, sometime in the small hours.

I'm told that the council doesn't have a room big enough to do all this, so it's using the conference room in the Dolman Stand at Ashton Gate.

Now that should deserve a blog post in its own right! And maybe a taxi, too. SL could pay.


Paul Bemmy Down said...

Using Ashton Gate; you couldn't make it up. Perhaps it's a double-bluff."We never did anything wrong. If we had we would not use Ashton Gate would we?"
I have Barry Lewis's leaflet infront of me and must say I could have written it myself. I hope he does well, but it's often Conservative or Labour here and I think the Greens will do better where there is a Lib/Dem to oppose. My guess is they will get a kicking, over national policy, the Green Spaces decision, and their obsession with increasing our population. We will see if I'm as clever as I think I am!

Stockwood Pete said...

Hi Paul

I see the Tories are reassuring Bishopsworth voters with their latest Bristol press release:


Poplar Road and Wrington Crescent, in Bedminster Down, are set to be surfaced-dressed by Bristol City Council contractors in the next few months.

The funding for the two busy, residential streets in Bedminster Down was approved last month by the Dundry View Neighbourhood Partnership as the roads were highlighted by Highways Officers as in need of attention."

Dramatic stuff, eh? How can Barrie compete with that?

Michael Goulden said...

Hi Pete

Lib Dems, surprisingly pouring money into their hopeless Stockwood campaign? Not what our canvass returns show.

2010 result:

Morris Conservative 2310 41.43%
Langley Labour 1487 26.67%
Goulden Lib Dem 1367 24.52%
Goodwin Green 412 7.39%

We have been building on last years result.

Michael Goulden
Liberal Democrat Candidate for Stockwood

Stockwood Pete said...


Selective statistics put forward by the LibDems have become a standing joke.

But you're right in pointing out that my result was very poor last year after coming second in the previous elections. I even wondered if there'd been some kind of whispering campaign against me.

In the end, though, I put it down to Cleggmania, and the difference a general election makes to turnout and voting patterns. Since none of those apply this time, I hope to do very much better this time... but we'll see.

Paul Bemmy Down said...

And who says those Neighbourhood Partnerships are undemocratic! They can be used by any party for their own ends. It will be Labours turn next, just wait and see.