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Thursday, 21 October 2010


As a change from the orchestrated illusion of the Spending Review - ideology masquerading as economic reality - here's a lighter version of hiding the economic truths.....

First, what was George & Railway Hotel in Temple Gate, nicely disguised (except when mammon requires a dirty great advert in the same place) as a cared for building. OK, it's not going to fool anyone, but most people would agree that it looks better than what's underneath.

Next, a parade of shops in Stockwood (though it could be anywhere). A potential case of the 'broken window' effect, where a down-at-heel environment tends to prompt further antisocial behaviour.

Next, more empty shops - except these are in a High Street. Redcar's shopping centre has been going downhill for years under pressure from supermarkets, out-of-town retail parks, and economic decline as industry shuts down. In an effort to brighten the scene, the High Street is now peppered with 'virtual shops' instead of steel shutters. The consensus is that it looks very much better than it did.

Finally, scope for a more ambitious project; what could you do with this monstrous concrete skeleton that welcomes everyone arriving at Temple Meads?


Anonymous said...

You could turn the monstrous skeleton at Temple Meads and its adjourning land into a nice Arena or football stadium.


Stockwood Pete said...

....but virtual, of course! Remember these are hard times - and we're all in it together.

So maybe the cover of a stadium or arena frontage would do the job. You could always project video of the match, or the concert, onto it. The punters could pay to go into a 'fan zone' on the old diesel depot site and watch it from there - just like the real thing. You could have real beer tents (or real meat pies and bovril, and prawn sandwiches for visiting tax exiles), lots of merchandising for the fans. Virtual reality.

Anonymous said...

I think our council may soon be providing virtual green space. They can sell off the parks and then paint a picture of a green valley on a hoarding next to the old site.