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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

GUEST POST - A chance to improve the environment in Stockwood

[Here's an initiative that can make a real difference to the place we live - with a direct input into the council, too. Stockwood Pete]

Stockwood Environmental Group is a new group that is working to improve the environment in Stockwood. The group will be meeting for the first time on Thursday 28th October at 2pm, at Maple Court, Stockwood Road (over the road from the Library)

If you have an interest in anything environmental from parks to sustainability to litter in the streets, come along and get involved.

If you would like any more information, then please contact Gemma Dando on 0117 352 1090 or email


GeaVox said...

I hope either my partner or I will be able to come on the 28th, work permitting.

I am particularly interested in joining or helping to organise a local litter picking group to clear the local woodland, around Sturminster Close, the LNR and surrounding area.

GeaVox said...

By way of a follow-up, my partner and I will be attending this meeting and may have persuaded a couple of neighbours to come along.

I believe they too would be interested in joining a hands-on initiative to clean-up litter in our local woodland and green spaces.

Might it be worth involving the Avon Wildlife Trust or BTCV to supply the volunteer support (tea things, Protective Equipment like gloves and maybe tools to cut back bramble and other overgrowth), as well as and asking the Council's Parks Department to let us have some sturdy rubble bags and arrange collection of litter and larger items removed?

Hope to see lots of local people there and look forward to getting to know them.

Best of the best!


GeaVox said...

Ahem... I am sorry to be the only one posting here.

I just wanted to thank Pete Godwin, Gemma Dando, Ariaf Hussain and all the others in the [relatively] long list of those who attended the first meeting of the Stockwood Environment Group (SEG).

This first, very positive experience of the new group gave me new hope for our neighbourhood, blessed with an enviable wealth of "green capital" but also cursed with a small number of extremely destructive sociopaths intent on degrading anything beautiful and alive.

As a former Inner City resident, in London as well as Bristol, I feel very fortunate to have on my doorstep beautiful walks, woodland and other green spaces alive with foxes, badgers, squirrel, birds and frogs.

I welcome the opportunity the group offers to get involved in the effort to restore these commons to their former, pristine state, for us and our descendants.

Future meetings will set the agenda for the coming months and, by January 2011, we will hopefully begin to organise some task days we can all get involved in. As Ariaf helpfully pointed out, these should be fun and appeal to people of all ages, abilities, cultures and walks of life.

Several of us also joined Friends Of Stockwood Open Spaces (FOSOS) and, through that group, will hopefully become more involved with greening Stockwood.

Best of the Best Pete and All.



Stockwood Pete said...

Thanks, Toni

Agreed, it was really encouraging to see a lot of enthusiasm and constructive planning there. Much of it, I have to say, directly due to you and your neighbours!

See you Monday at the orchard. Not Tuesday, though; the bank's not coming after all.