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Monday, 11 January 2010

Biomass and the Bristol Channel

picture from the geographs site, © Copyright David Baird and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

At Arnolfini there's a curious 'exhibit' in the main ground floor
hall, or 'Situation Room' about Climate Stability and
Technology Change. It's there till 17th Jan.

It starts with a perspective of the planet as a series of ocean
basins radiating out from the Antarctic, and looks at how
marine biomass can be encouraged to provide energy (as
methane), nutrients, and an absorber of toxins.

There's video of a particular project, now being carried out off the mouth
of the Tees, in encouraging the growth of laminaria (kelp). The
suggestion is that the Bristol Channel might provide an
excellent site for kelp farming.

click on pic to enlarge

My instincts are to oppose such a position, as an unacceptable
abuse of the natural environment. But given that the same
coastal waters are being lined up to accommodate new nuclear power
stations, perhaps a huge concrete barrage, and extensive wind
farms, not to mention onshore power plants fuelled by biomass
shipped in from Indonesian rainforests, kelp begins to look very attractive!

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