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Sunday, 13 December 2009

What are Bristol's three green 'Benchmarks of Excellence' ?

It's been suggested that Barbara Janke and co's flying visit to Copenhagen has little to do with the talks or even the banquets. Instead, she might find time to lobby for euro-cash for new energy projects in the city. She'd do it through the 'Covenant of Mayors' - a European Commission initiative of 1,000-plus European Cities aiming to exceed the EU's own targets for CO2 cuts. Apparently Bristol is a member, though who made the decision to join is unclear.

The Covenant of Mayors is also inviting member towns and cities to publish three 'Benchmarks of Excellence' that they're proud of.

So what should Bristol's three be?

Hmmmm.... food waste collections could be a contender, though it's not directly energy related. But after that ?

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woodsy said...

It would appear the European Union has expanded beyond Europe and now embraces Argentina and New Zealand. Has someone inn Brussels thrown away the atlas?