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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Babs' Banquets - and other things to do in Copenhagen

Turns out it's the 'Climate Summit for Mayors' that's Barbara Janke's must-go destination next week - together with her counterparts from London, Birmingham, Manchester, and 70-odd cities throughout the world.

What they're all getting up to is listed here (pdf file). Looks like a long week of royal receptions and other bunfights, corporate presentations and tours - plus a good few events that many of us in Bristol would get a lot from, helping to see how we can make a low-carbon future actually happen.

Still, no doubt Babs will be writing an extensive report on the plane trip back, so we won't have to bother.


Chris Hutt said...

I see that one of the events is a visit to Malmo sponsired by E.ON, the energy firm behind the planned Kingsnorth coal fired power station and the second biggest emitter of CO2 in Europe in 2008 (with about 108 million tCO2 emitted).

Nice to see our leaders being thoroughly indoctrinated by the business as usual lobby.

Pete Goodwin said...

One thing on the programme looks intriguing.... the 'Copenhagen Wheel'. Though I'd have to get a Smart Phone to go with it....