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Monday, 18 May 2009

Is that a knock? Must be the LibDems.....

More unimaginative knocking copy from the LibDems.

Mark Wright, in his Cabot election leaflet, clearly knows the Greens better than they know themselves. The Green Party, he thunders, "joined the the Tories in voting Labour back into power after the last elections. In a choice between LibDem and Labour" he confidently assures his electorate, "they will back Labour".

What grounds he has for making this startling assertion remain a mystery. It's certainly not based on the voting record of Charlie Bolton (and his one seventieth share of the full council vote).

Maybe Mark's worried by the progress made by the Greens in Cabot since he was elected four years ago. He'll certainly be worried by the national opinion polls, due out tomorrow. They show that new Green voters are drawn especially from disillusioned LibDem supporters.


Cllr Mark Wright said...

I think it's fair to judge parties on their past actions. I know and expect people will do it to us.

Charlie Bolton said...

Trouble is Mark, you ain't telling the truth.

I have voted for an administration three times, once for Labour, once against Labour and once (when I was first elected) didn't vote and you got in.

There have been two no-confidence votes. I voted once against Labour and once abstained on a home care vote 2 elections ago.

So, facts suggest I am more likely to vote against Labour than for them, if anything.

Any chance of a correction in your next leaflet?