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Sunday, 24 May 2009

FOI Fudge hits buffers at Temple Meads

I still think it's a simple question. Is the suggestion of a transport interchange at Temple Meads, using the 'perfect' Plot 6 development site, being resisted or welcomed by the council that represents us? Is it even being contemplated ?

The Freedom of Information laws may have been enough to bring Westminster to its knees, but here in Bristol they haven't got me any nearer to getting an answer to this simple question.

The public record tells the story. First, the council pretended they didn't understand the question. Now they say the answer's a secret - because nothing's been decided and ,anyway, officers and developers might think twice about putting things in writing if they thought it might be revealed later under the FoI laws!

They're relying on the The Environmental Information Regulations 2004 to justify the secrecy. One of the two regulations they're hiding behind is 12(4)(e) - the request involves the disclosure of internal communications. I can't help thinking this is being brought into play to avoid the embarrassment that followed an earlier disclosure - when the dodgy dealing between council officers and developers was revealed over the sale of railway path land. They won't make that mistake again!

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