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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Correction: Holland EUROSTARS to Belgium

I guessed wrong. Helen Holland and the Green City' team went to Brussels by train.

I'm impressed. Yes, really. I'll edit the earlier posting to make it clear.

We should all be pleased that they chose this less damaging travel. Doesn't it create a nice precedent for the new lot to follow!

I've not been following the air miles taken up on council business, but I got short shrift when I suggested a 'twinning' visit to Hannover might be done by the train, not the plane. And there was the press stunt not so long ago when a previous Lord Mayor made a flight all the way to Norwich - for no better reason than to publicise the existence of the flight! Maybe those episodes coloured my assumptions about the Brussels trip. That's my excuse.


Chris Hutt said...

However she got there, it's still a major environmental impact (those HST diesel trains, the energy expended on building the channel tunnel) for no benefit whatsoever (unless you count having her out of the country for half a day a benefit).

Isn't it about time the EU started using video conferencing or whatever for this sort of thing? In fact the EU, with its ridiculous practice of having MEPs shuttling between Brussels and Strasbourg, must be a major environmental disaster in its own right.

Pete Goodwin said...

a major environmental disaster in its own right. the tune 0f 20kt of CO2 a year, according to this study done for our 2 Green MEPs.