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Monday, 2 February 2009

...and more PFIffle

Looks like there's yet another high risk element in the bid for PFI backing for an incinerator. The PFI pot itself is drying up.

The Guardian reports on a leaked NHS memo revealing government warnings of a 'capital desert' in PFI credits for new ventures. As 'none of the banks have any money or are likely to have any for a few years, the absence of a 'plan B' is going to cause a real problem.'

Odd, that. Back in October I asked Mark Bradshaw if there's a 'Plan B' in case his own PFI bid fails. Evidently not. They'd just expect to pay a further £84 million to get the same scheme from taxation - although that scheme is selected solely because it's the one most likely to get bank funding!

While all this PFIffle is going on, the West of England has thoughtfully launched a CONsultation into how best to allocate land to deal with the sub-region's waste.

Option B, with waste management spread over 8 smaller sites - is the one preferred by environmentalists.

WoE makes it very clear that its own choice is for Option C, the one with a big site at Avonmouth that happens to be just the right size for a great big incinerator. And if you doubt their sincerity, judge them by the fact that they've already bid for the cash, months before March 12th deadline for public comment.

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