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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Twenty is Plenty - but lets not ask why!

This morning's Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Bristol included a piece on leaked plans for pilot 20mph zones in Bristol. It was prompted by a Green Party press release, welcoming the schemes proposed for Bedminster and Easton, and hoping they'd extend right through the city.

The BBC even arranged to phone me at 7.30 this morning to discuss it on air. That's rare recognition for a Green press release, so I boned up on the topic till I reckoned I had an answer for everything.

In the event, there were just a couple of trite questions about whether it's possible to drive at 20mph in Bristol, and whether speedo-watching might actually increase risk (that's the AA's line). That was it. Nothing about what 20mph zones are actually for. If I'd been more professional, I'd have told them anyway!

I'll stick to just one good reason for keeping below 20mph in residential areas.
It cuts risk of injury accidents by more than half.

Why are we waiting?

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