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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Brookside Sights

A kingfisher fleetingly perched on a branch over the Brislington Brook close by Tescos this morning - long enough for me to see not just the electric blue plumage of its wings and tail, but the russet breast feathers and the fierce bill too.

And someone left a pair of trousers on the 'chicane' at the brookside path end, at Ellesmere Road.

The kingfisher darted off downstream before I'd taken the camera from my pocket.

The trousers will probably pose for pictures for a long while yet.


Anonymous said...

Typical - I know which of the two I'd rather see. Btw, your robin in the greenery blog header is really lovely, very restful and a pleasure to visit. Thanks.

Pete Goodwin said...

Thank you! I try to be seasonal, and the robin's been posing right outside this window!