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Saturday, 18 February 2012

379: Racing down to Radstock

I never quite understood why Radstock and Midsomer Norton are so badly connected by public transport to Bristol. Just one 'direct' (but in practice circuitous) bus route, taking well over an hour for the journey.

The good news is that the gap is about to be filled with the completion of Corridor 6 of the Greater Bristol Bus Network.

The 379 route, we're promised, will be an hourly service by way of the A37 through Pensford. It means, of course, that those of us living in Hengrove and Stockwood will be able to make the trip to Radstock (including its excellent Co-op, which – on our last visit, at least – was far better stocked that any of its CRS big brothers in the Bristol area) and without a change of buses, in around 45 minutes from Whitchurch village.

There's no evening service promised for the 379, though. According to the BaNES press release, if homegoing commuters miss the 5.35pm from Bristol, they're stuck with little choice but to head for Bath and try from there. I wonder if tickets will be valid on both routes.   That's the kind of detail that sometimes gets forgotten in the rush to present spanking new road layouts, buses, and shelters

The new service starts on April 2nd
(added 29/3/12)  New timetable is at

There'll be a knock-on effect on our own Bristol buses sharing the same route along the Wells Road. We should expect real-time information at (marginally) more comfortable stops, and a little bit more bus priority. Which can't be bad. I hope it doesn't get a 'Fishponds' reaction from the motorists.

And why is there still no sign of upgrading or re-equipping the miserable apology for a bus stop at Temple Meads?   Aah....  it must be  the imminent decision to turn Plot 6 into that city-wide transport interchange we've been promised.

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