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Monday, 2 January 2012

Confrontation at the Hollway Road shops

It's time for a Town Brown application at Stockwood shops. 

Here we are, accustomed since the year dot to park our cars, collect the kids, do the shopping, dodge the delivery vehicles and the potholes, and set fire to the waste bins behind the shops, and what happens?   Some developer fellow from London comes along and wants to build all over it!  Turns out that he actually owns it.

You really wouldn't credit it!  Thank heavens our councillors are there defending the motorists and the juggernauts against the landowners.  

Lets face it....  if the speculators get away with this, Tesco may decide there's not enough access to go ahead with their (rumoured) takeover of the Post Office.  And the school-run mums will spread like a plague throughout the neighbourhood, as they fight for the nearest alternative parking that will keep them free of any obligation to walk the kids to school.

Planning Application
Evening Post article
HandS ON forum topic


SteveL said...

-interesting that most of the quotes in the EP seem lifted from the objection documents. It's as if they couldn't be bothered to go down and visit the site themselves.

Regarding parking, given one of the councillors runs a shop in the city, she may have input on it. Except Tiffins is in the Kingsdown RPZ; eliminating long-stay parking has made deliveries and short-stay (paid) parking easier. Perhaps stockwood needs its own RPZ

Stockwood Pete said...

Yes, I was struck by the copy-and-paste report in the EP. Still, why go out and meet people when you can sit at your desk and get 'quotes' off the screen just as if you've really talked to people?

I wonder if the reporter claimed mileage to Stockwood for this bit of news-gathering?

As for RPZ's, the very idea! Many of us have already paved over our front gardens to keep our cars off road. Why should we pay for the odd one we still haven't got room for?

Meanwhile, I see one of those trouble-making anti-motorist people has put a contentious post on the HandS ON forum