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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Lord Mayor's Show

There was no green political capital to be made from the Visitation to open Stockwood's just-built BMX park - which is probably all for the good. The Mayoral Car didn't take a short cut across the field; instead Cllr Gollop made his stately way on foot, protected by the mayoral wellies. The only signs of party politics was the icefield that spreads from the council house even into this corner of Bristol, cutting certain councillors off from even talking to each other.

Otherwise, it was all celebratory; though among local establishment figures, only the vicar had the nerve to bring a bike and gingerly try out a bit of the new track.

Here's the mayor wielding the Civic Scissors to open the 'BMX Park' (while missing the show behind him).


Steve Finnell said...
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Thomas S said...

Just another oldie yapping. Yawn.

Stockwood Pete said...

Any particular yap that you have a problem with, Thomas?

between-the-lines said...

Lol. Better get used to it Thomas, old is where it's at now!

Maybe even you are getting older as we sit here?

between-the-lines said...