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Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Big Save Our Parks Petition - printable version

A printable version of the e-Petition raised by the three opposition parties on the City Council is now available for download from the FoSOS website or from the Green Party website. (I know, I put them there!). Please print copies off and gather signatures from friends and neighbours.

The three councillors behind this petition (Tess Green for the Greens, Mark Weston for the Tories, and Mark Bradshaw for Labour) need at least 3,500 valid signatures to get the issue back on the council table - which could help influence policy in a crucial pre-election period.

Completed forms can be returned to any of the three councillors at the Council House; here in Stockwood they can be returned to
Pete Goodwin, 11 Lanesborough Rise
Margaret Short, 10 Townsend Close
David Reeve, 11 Maple Close

But remember, they need to be returned by the end of February

1 comment:

Toni Massari said...

Now that we have seen that people politics works

we should perhaps build on the momentum and make it clear to BCC that it cannot win on the land sale and they must find another way to pay for missed opportunities of the past.

The slogans of my youth spring unbidden to my lips:

"The People united can never be defeated!"

Unity is what we need now in Bristol.