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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Llandudno Junction, 0620hrs, November

I'll try to forget the carbon footprint of this one - it was just too good an opportunity to miss. Arriva Trains Wales 'Premier Service' offers its first-class passengers the full monty... a complimentary three course dinner on the northbound Cardiff to Holyhead journey, and a full breakfast on the way back.

And thanks to an unintendedly generous special offer, the whole trip, from Bristol, was there for the taking at £32. The bike went free, and made it possible to reach a good accessible Youth Hostel - Conwy - for a couple of nights, with a bike ride round waterfalls, woods and castles in autumnal sunshine in between.

Young when it suits, old when it suits. Can't be bad. And if I wasn't there, I'd have felt obliged to go to the council meeting - so it was a double benefit!

(Penance done - I've watched the webcast debate)

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Pauk/BemmyDown said...

Hi Pete. The webcast could not have portrayed what an exciting time was had by all, with great audience participation. I actually thought Jay Jethwa spoke very well, but the hi-lite was the "stich-up" by Helen Holland. I would have been proud of it myself! And Barbara Janke responding to remarks from the public gallery during her speech was classical. But I would have preferred to be in Wales.