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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Defending our green spaces

On Tuesday 7th September - an hour before the council meeting - there's a photocall outside the council house for all Bristolians who don't want the city's precious green spaces sold off. Gather by 5pm, bring a placard if you can! And spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I went there straight from work about 4.45 but could see no one there with placard so made my way home dissapointed :( Sorry Pete I tried my best.

Pete Goodwin said...

Sorry to hear that, Anon. In the event, I couldn't go myself - but I hear quite a few people turned up, TV and the BEP were there, and people were interviewed for both.

I'll look forward to seeing the coverage tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the ludicrous political dance of ‘how many ways can we avoid answering a question on Stephen Williams' new blog, after some naughty person turned a ‘bringing back Avon’ thread onto the explosive topic of green space in Bristol?

Left hanging unanswered in the air through the strong smell of embarassed, hot and sweating politician is Stokes Crofter’s plaintive question “I am still none the wiser as to whether Stephen supports, or not, the sell-off of Council green space.”

More Lib Dem squirming on this blog too.

Something tells me that William is already privately wishing that he’d never started a blog!