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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Flying - and down to earth

First, the all important highs

Caroline Lucas becoming the first Green party member of the British parliament.

Tess Green consolidating the party's position on the city council with an increased majority in Southville


Which compensates magnificently for my own very disappointing result in Stockwood - down from second place to a poor fourth this time round. Detailed result on the council web page

I blame the general election. Loads of extra voters who aren't usually interested enough to vote in local elections, taking the opportunity to echo their national preference on the local ballot paper. That's my excuse, anyway!

Standing 'telling' outside the library polling station for some hours, I seem to have galvanised a stronger response from the other parties than from the voters!

David Morris - re-elected as our councillor - felt it wise to position his car (and poster) outside the same polling station.

That upset the LibDem agent, not a happy man... he made a complaint to the Presiding Officer about the tactic, adding his concern that a resident of Maple Close had a Vote Green poster up in the window opposite!

Of course the LibDems would never advertise themselves like that on polling day! Here's one I took earlier (2005)in Easton.

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