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Saturday, 20 February 2010


When some of our local Green parliamentary candidates tried their hand at making a 'Winkball' video, I must admit that I wasn't 100% pleased with the results. It's easy to criticise..... but perhaps they could have been a little more professional?

Then I saw the kind of thing the opposition (including New Labour's 'new media czar' Kerry McCarthy) were doing. And I felt much, much better.

You can see the three Bristol East efforts at Winkball - just put Bristol East in the search box, and be entertained, bored, or embarrassed. Or check any other constituency, of course.


Chris Hutt said...

Dire stuff. Your Glenn would be a little more convincing if someone had first detached the robotic arm from his back.

Pete Goodwin said...

I don't think that's a robotic arm, it looks more like a home made autocue. Self-sufficiency in action. We practise what we preach, you know!

The Bristol Blogger said...

Not sure about Vowlsie's black shirt and black tie.

I thought he was going to say, "The best policy I can think of is ... a Final Solution to the Jewish problem."

Mike Popham's "interested in waste in the health service".

Takes all sorts doesn't it?

Glenn Vowles said...

I do have a robotic arm (and a number of other very useful enhancements) - Vote for Vowles, your bionic candidate!

Bristol Blogger - you need a bionic eye mate, both my shirt and tie are blue!!

I'm not 100% happy with my Winkball piece but it does the job pretty clearly. I come across as a human being (albeit mechanically enhanced!).

I not an independent judge of course (!) but I reckon mine's the best of the three so far done. I think its up to the right wing lot in the Tories and English Democrats to see if they can do any better.

Pete Goodwin said...

Yours is streets ahead, Glenn. But I wonder if you'll get any real competition to sharpen up your act. Did they just catch Kerry McCarthy on a bad day, I wonder?

Maybe we'll get the Final Solution from the English Democrats.