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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Learners and Customers

I can't wait to sign up. Can't decide whether to be a student, a learner, or a customer though.....


Pasqua said...

Client perhaps?

Pete Goodwin said...

Once upon a time, in my Social Services days, we had clients. Then the bosses decided that the word was too demeaning, and we got 'service users' instead.

woodsy said...

What's wrong with the college calling intake students?

I'm sick of everyone, especially public bodies, regarding me as a 'customer': I'm not; where the state is concerned I'm a citizen and they're not running a bloody shop ;-)

Dorothea said...

No, no, student is far too yesterday, you've got to be more aspirational Woodsy.

Mmmm, service user, that's good.

Or how about inmate? Let's be inmates ... they've definitely taken over the asylum after all.

woodsy said...


Can you see the NUS being renamed the National Union of Service Users?

Thought not. ;-)