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Monday, 16 March 2009

Proposed development sites unveiled.

The council has published the outcome of its 'Call for Sites', when it invited suggestions for sites in Bristol that should be considered for development. It's part of consultations over the Bristol Development Framework, which will guide future planning decisions in the city.

Over 1100 people answered the 'Call', nominating around 600 sites. They can be checked from here on the council's website, which has a schedule of all the sites, and maps of each area with the sites marked and referenced.

I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one to propose a modern multimodal transport hub centred on Plot 6 at Temple Meads.

This map section (original pdf here) shows sites nominated in Stockwood. All of them are submitted by 'other' - which I take to be parts of the council itself. Biggest site is the hillside above the brook east of Sturminster Road, some of it open space and some woodland. It's nominated for housing.

There's also, oddly enough, a proposal to use the Whitchurch Railway Path - the long thin bit on the map - for 'transport infrastructure'. Err... I thought that's what it was. Or are they trying to tell us something ?

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